Wire Stripper and Cable Shear All in One!

Wire Stripper and Cable Shear all in one


A Wire Stripper is a small, hand-held tool used to strip the electrical insulation from cables and electric wires. The purpose of a wire-stripping tool is to make the process easier and to strip the insulation of the wire in a pre-defined length without damaging the wire.



Kabelschere Schneideansicht

A Cable shear is a two-shanked tool for cutting various cables. Cable shears are important tools in Electrical installations industry.

This multi-purpose tool from Piergiacomi offers the advantage of both tools in one device!






The Cable Shear cuts copper cables with a max. diameter of 10 mm (000 awg).

The Wire Stripper function is suitable for cables with a max. diameter of 4 mm.



Manual Wire Strippers can usually be adjusted to a defined lenght using a set-screw.

Abisolierzange und Kabelschere in einem Technische Ansicht Abisolierzange


Also with this multi-use tool the diameter of the wire stripper can be individually be adjusted with the set-screw. Markings at 11 mm and 16 mm help the user with the stripping length.

The bronzed surface of the device increases the rust protection.



Needless to say that this handy tool is equipped with egonomic handles for good grip and control. Have a look at our tool-shop where you will find a great selection of high-quality tools >>


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