Ultrasonic Welding offers you high precision and high processing reliability. No heat is applied and no consumables are needed!

ultrasonic welding sample

Ultrasonic Welding

Under pressure and ultrasonic vibration, the material’s atomic structures co-mingle.

Characteristics of ultrasonic wire splice welders:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic bonding of the wires
  • Capable of detecting missing wires
  • No need for consumables, such as solder or flux
  • Rapid welding time (within 1 sec.)
  • Low energy requirement
  • More cost-effective than alternative methods

Ultrasonic Welders in Action

The machine splices stranded, braided and magnet wires three gauge to 20 gauge, 0.5 sq mm to 28 sq mm. Uniform weld quality is guaranteed through integrated constant welding parameters. Easy, quick tooling changes without recalibration reduce downtime and operating costs.

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