The ICAT Cable Harness Test System

The ICAT Cable Harness Test System

The ICAT Cable Harness Test System is an ideal solution with test module position detection for the confection of small cable harnesses. Very often we hear from our customers:

“We are working with high-quality equipment, we provide good and precise work when it comes to cable harnesses and we want to prove this to our customers, too. Our production volume is to low, however, to invest in a complex cable harness test system!”

And also the following principle stems true: Only a tested cable harness is a good one!

In the Automotive Industry and especially in the Cable Confection these requirements exist already for a long time, and it more and more applies also to the Industry of White Goods and to the Switch Cabinet Industry.

Thus it is very important to find reliable and at the same time profitable solutions, that meet the high demands of your sector of industry.

What solutions are available when it comes to cable harness testing?

One of the most important criteria is the easy handling. By now cable harness test systems are very user-friendly. The handling of the test modules is quickly learned and applied.

Our partner has a lot of experience in developing cable harness test systems and modules and meets with its ICAT Cable Harness Test System further important factors:

  • One solution for different projects.
  • Can easily be adapted for each new application.
  • Can be newly programmed with simple steps (programming knowledge not necessary).
  • Complete documention according to the respective requirements.

These enable highest efficiency – especially for small and medium-sized production batches.

The ICAT Cable Harness Test System

The recommended starter test module ICAT light System

Enberts ICAT Cable harness Test System ICAT LIGHT

The ideal system with test module position detection for manufacturers of small cable harnesses.

With its compact design the iCATsystem light is mobile and can be set up and used virtually everywhere without requiring a lot of space. For larger volumes the test system can easily be upgraded.

This way you can test any kind of cable set with this test system, no matter how large the production size.

A vast variety of different products can be tested with just a few modules according to your needs, thanks to the computer-guided, extremely fast adaptation along with the multiple uses of mating plug adapters and test modules!

We are happy to show you the ICAT Light test module in your production environment!

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