Our Technical Center – Practical Know-How For You

Our Technical Center - Expertise and Know-How for You

CETEC Systems isn’t only an innovative service provider, implementing your required solutions in the most effective and best way, but we also offer our practical know-how in more than one core areas. We like to introduce you to those areas as follows.

Our Technical Center in Burgendland

Our Technical Center is our base station for all our on-site service assignments for our technical colleagues Franz Brandstätter and Walter Woppel. Additionally, all our practical work within the scope of our services, is done there.

Technikum - Cetec Systems

Calibrations and Machine Capability Studies

Franz is our experienced Technical Support, who is on tour worldwide most of the year, completing technical requirements and support on-site. Since he is integrated in the planning and implementation of new facilities and solutions, he knows all machines used and deployed from the inside out.

Unsere 3 Techniker


On request of our customers Franz is completing the compulsory yearly calibration of the crimp force monitors in use – a very challenging task, that demands a lot of expertise.

Benefit from our service, to complete the yearly calibration for you and use the longstanding experience of our Technician! Also the so-called Machine Capability Study, ensuring necessary quality standards, can be done by Franz on your request. If the test analysis shows a negative result, Franz can immediately undertake the necessary repairs following the capability study.

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Repair of small devices and Storage in our Technical Center


Due to his great and longstanding experience and his mechanical skills Walter is completing necessary repairs for customer’s equipment. He also optimizes used machines, making them of further use for customers representing a cost-economical solution.

He also handles the whole goods receiving and forwarding process for products on stock. Our Technical Center provides enough storage space for goods, that we store in larger quantities for our customers within our call-orders. If you are interested in such a call-order, please get in contact with us.

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Prototyping and Small-Batch Production in our Technical Center

Our Technical Center is also well equipped to produce hotmelt molds in small batches as part of the prototype design process. Read more about this process in detail and the necessary steps HERE.

And finally we offer staff and customer trainings in our Technical Center. If you have the need for training or want to get a live presentation of our products please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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