Technical-Tips for Crimping-Processes

Technical Tips for Crimping-Processes

Large and small production lines must undergo regular maintenance and care. With this small list of Technical Tips for Crimping-Processes we want to equip you with quick and easy solutions for your typical problems in crimping-processes.

Recurring problems with Crimping are, that the crimp contact gets stuck. Once crimping the contact it gets stuck in the upper part of the die. There are various reasons for this problem and we present different solutions for each of them.


Technical-Tips for Crimping-Processes, when the contact gets stuck


Reason 1 – Crimper worn out:

Because of the already rough surface, the contact material sticks and the crimping process is disturbed. The best approach to solving this problem is to simply change the wear part. Get in contact with us.


wire-crimping-with-quick-change-crimping-toolReason 2 – Sediments in the Crimping tool:

Small particles of the contact lining, e.g. with tin (Sn), gold (Au), nickel (Ni), amass during the manufacturing process and  „agglutinate“ the crimping area. They make this area “sticky”. A good way to solve this is to polish away those sediments and to clean the Crimping tool. If polishing is not possible, again the change of the wear part ist the next step.


Reason 3 – Incompatibility of the used Materials:

Some contact materials such as nickel (Ni), steel, gold (Au), and others have the characteristics to stick to the surface of the Crimper in such a way, that the material sticks to it.

In this case you might consider the use of „contakt oils“. For this purpose highly volatile punching oils are used as parting agent. We recommend to strictly follow application directions and application specifications of your Crimping tool!


Reason 4 – Rubber fold:

The contact and the contact material are crimped together too heavily. Best solution for this is to control the  Crimp height according to your Crimping specifications and to adjust if necessary. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, then contact our Service Technician Franz Brandstätter, who will support you with his Know-how.


We are happy to support you in all challenges of your manufacturing processes!



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