Taping machines add high value to the overall process and optimize your profitability!

StoneShield FTM Flexible Taping Machine

FTM Flexible Taping Machine

The FTM – Flexible Taping Machine, is a workbench taping system for insulating or bundling splices or wires. What are the benefits in using the FTM?

  • All-In-One: in the same machine it is possible to process normal and end-splices, without additional setups.
  • Fast Processing: typical processing time of 1.8 seconds
  • Great Flexibility: Can be used with a centering system that ensures that the tape is applied always in the middle of the splice.

Industry 4.0 Features:

  • Ready to communicate with other machines (M2M).
  • Network connectivity and remote configuration.
  • Saving of KPIs to USB and/or remote location.
  • Automatic and immediate error reporting.

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Making you ready for the Industry 4.0!

Diameter detection (smart gripper) supplied as standard.

Easy tape replacement, by opening a cover.

Simple and intuitive program configuration.

Easy upgradable software.

ITM Integrated Taping Machine

ITM  – The Integrated Taping Machine

The ITM – Integrated Taping Machine, is a workbench taping system for performing spot taping on in-line processes. What are the benefits in using the ITM?

  • Safe Processes: The wire flows freely inside the machine, until it receives a signal from the master machine to perfom the spot. At this point it locks the cable and the taping head moves forward to perform the operation.
  • Fast Processing: typical processing time of 1.8 seconds
  • Great Flexibility: can be integrated with other machines like Cut & Strip machines or Twisting machines.

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 Spot Taping on In-Line Processes

Integrated Machine 2 Machine Communication.

Export programs by USB stick or network to other machines.

Several system’s languages, including English, Portuguese, French, or others.

Easy upgradable software.

The Advantages of the FTM At One Glance

FTM Flexible Taping Machines
Techspeed RED PT 100-3 Banding Machine

Techspeed RED TM 100 Banding Machine

The RED TP 100 is a compact desk-top banding maschine, that enables ergonomic and efficient wrapping of wiring harnesses. What are the benefits of the RED TP 100 banding machine?

  • Optimal for cable diameters up to 20mm ( option up to 35mm).
  • Exceptional design and weight balance keeps vibrations very low.
  • Works with all current machine tapes (9 to 19mm).

Further Features:

  • Rotation speed is fully adjustable up to 1200 turn per minute.
  • Parallel feed rollers are used to grant steady pressure on the wiring harnesses.
  • User-friendly touchscreen facilitates your daily work.

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