Robotic Seal Inserters add high value to the overall process and optimize your profitability!

Stoneshield Robotic Seal Inserter

RoSI Robotic Seal Inserter

The RoSI is a robotic system designed to insert blind seals and hard pins into connectors in a fast and automatic way. What are the benefits of RoSI?

  • Non-stop Production: 2 distinct working areas, each one with 2 trays and up to 3 seal feeders, ensure high flexibility.
  • Fast Processing: Innovative double shooter seal pusher (patent pending), that provides an average insertion time of 0.5 sec per seal (global avg. cycle time of 1 sec per seal, including setup and visual inspection).
  • Great Process-safety: Vision system to detect the connector’s position, compensating any variation of position and to perform final visual inspection, identifying which connectors have errors.

Industry 4.0 Features:

  • Ready to communicate with other machines (M2M).
  • Network connectivity and remote configuration.
  • Saving of KPIs to USB and/or remote location.
  • Automatic and immediate error reporting.

Are you ready for the Industry 4.0?

Processing different connectors at the same time.

Interface with touchscreen and barcode.

Simple and intuitive program configuration.

Remote assistance and analysis of productions data and statistics.

BSI Technical Features

Blind Seal Insertion made easy!

Blind seal and hard pin insertion into connectors

  • Possibility to change seal feeders (quick setup < 10 min).
  • Automatic detection of connector’s presence and position, using vision system
  • Easy configuration selection using barcode reader or remotely via KSK server
  • Up to 3 seals/hard pins automatic feeders, which allow 3 different seals per connector
  • Easy upgradable software, that can be done through a USB stick or remotely.

The Advantages of the RoSI At One Glance

RoSi Robotic Seal Inserter

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