Meet the industrial demand for accompanying quality control by completing a thorough quality inspection and documentation of your production sequence!


Quality Inspection

Quality inspection and quality control entails several benefits for you, when done systematically and in continuous quality:

  • Professional and transparent documentation of quality control to your end customers
  • Cost reduction due to minimization of claims or reworks
  • process-safe work environment for your employees
  • Enhancing your competitive position through steadying and continuous quality

Quality inspection made easy!

  • Fastest change-over until lot size 1
  • flexible positioning of the checking modules on 1-cm raster
  • easy handling due to Plug-and-Play-function of the easyCATS software

Choose the solution that fits your application!


i-CAT Cable testing system

The only cable testing system worldwide with a position-detection checking module and very fast changeover system to different wire harnesses

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Crimp Force Monitor

Controls in every crimp sequence the crimp height, missing wire, missing litz wire, too short stripping

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Micrograph Laboratory

Compact tabletop laboratory for cross section analysis of crimped contacts

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Wire Scan

  • Detects common strip defects
  • Detects common seal insertion defects
  • Designed for integration onto existing and new wire processing equipment

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