Portable Microlab ML3002

Portable Micrograph Lab ML3002

Wrongly or not precisely executed crimping processes can result in enormous damage or outages in crimp connections. Manufacturer of cable harnesses could face expensive claims of damage due to international product liability laws, in addition to the loss of prestige.

The portable Microlab ML3002 facilitates the reliable processing of microsections, as well as the display, evaluation, measurement and storage of data by means of a special software. This documentation process, using the ML3002, supports you in fulfilling your due diligence duties as a manufacturer!


What are the advantages of the ML3002?

  • Fully equipped laboratory in a handy case
  • Standard sample holder capable for cross sections up to 6 mm²
  • Extension kit for sample holder for cross sections up to 10 mm²
  • Short machining time between 2-5 minutes
  • Special cutting disc, appropriate also for stainless steel
  • Referencing with pre-calibrated test pins
  • Finish grinding with grain 1200


Where can it be used?

The Microlab 3002 is ready for operation in about 90 seconds. It is battery-powered and can be used without power connection anywhere without electricity or water connection.  The fully charged device can operate for about eight hours.


How does the Microlab 3002 work?

The ideal range of application is for cross sections between 0,1 mm² – 10 mm². The proven optical unit with 4x zoom and colour digital camera delivers excellent microsections, which can be analyzed comfortably with the innovative image processing software X-Scan. The scope of delivery includes all necessary accessories like terminal holder and test pins. Short machining time between 2-5 minutes.


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