Save time and costs by having us do your crimp press calibration work for you!



The calibration of your crimp force monitor (CFM) is not an easy task – it requires a lot of expertise. Benefit of our service to calibrate your CFM for you and take advantage of our technicians longstanding experience:

  • You save the costly investment on a crimp calibration unit and its annual calibration.
  • Our technician executes calibrations all year long – his routine and experience is your gain

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Machine capability study

The automotive industry sets very high quality and safety standards, that can only be fulfilled with first class and tested products. How does it work?

  1. After the calibration of your crimp force monitor, our technician simulates 50 crimps – and uses the crimp calibration unit to undergo machine capability study for your crimping press
  2. The technician evaluates and analyzes the results.
  3. If the results are not okay, the necessary repair or adjustment will be completed by our technician.
  4. He also supports you with staff training if you feel the need for it.

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Repair / Adjustments

You installed a new machine or have just newly automated part of a process which is not yet running smoothly? Our technicians happily adjust or fine-tune the necessary part and show your employees helpful tricks. Our experienced technicians can help you especially in the starting phase of a newly installed application.

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Staff training

Stay on top of the latest news and changes with machine and application technology and stay informed. Optimize outdated processes and make use of our Staff training services! We offer you the latest know-how and keep your employees up-to-date.

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