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High-quality products are best produced using high-quality production material. With our Technician, Franz Brandstätter, we have a look at our Crimp presses and Quick-Change-Tools and their Maintenance as well at Qualtity control by means of Machine Capability Studies. We asked him to talk a bit about his everyday life as a Technician and you can read the interview below.


Hallo Mister Brandstätter! Our customers worldwide mainly call you “Franz”. Is it okay, if we we also call you Franz for this interview?

Franz Brandstätter: „Yes, of course!“

What is your role with CETEC Systems?

I am mainly responsible for the technical Service part, including Adjustment, Repairs, Maintenenance and Calibration of our customers sites worldwide.

Franz, could you talk about your tasks on-site a bit in detail?

A very important part of my work are Machine Capability Studies.

The Machine Capability study is a monitoring and control tool of Crimp presses. The positive results of such a study is a good way for our customers to prove to their customers, that the Crimp presses are working properly and flawless. Especially with ever smaller cross sections this control pays of in many ways!


What exactly is it that you do in a Machine Capability Study?

First a graphic chart is produced using 50 crimps to see, whether all crimps ar done within the required tolerance.  If this is NOT the case, I can see that the uniformity ration of crimp force is not given any more. To restore the wanted state, sometimes it is sufficient to exchange bearings, gearing or mandrils.


How often should this Machine Capability Study be performed?

Usually I recommend to execute these controls of production machines with a high utilization and turnover once a year. If a machine gets dislocated or if there are changes in the production processes, than I would recommend an additional testing.

Maschinenfähigkeits-Untersuchung Protokoll

Now, how can the manufacturer prove to his customers that his machines are working as they should?

With every testing I will make 2 protocols, where 50 test crimps are shown.  If those test crimps are within the previously defined and required range of tolerance, the Capability Study is positive. However the Machine Capability Study alone doesn’t proof, that the crimp itself has been made flawlessly.


What measurements are there to test the quality of the crimps?

For the purpose of testing the crimp quality, one can use the so-called Crimp Force Monitors, which I use for every machine I calibrate.


bb07-Crimp-Force-MonitorWhich kind of information can be obtained from Crimp Force Monitors?

The Crimp Force Monitor ist used to detect deviations like missing litz wires, mechanical wear of the Crimp or other parts of the Quick-Change-tool.


What happens in the process of calibration?

Maschinenfähigkeits-Untersuchung Kalibrierungsprotokoll

In this process the evaluation unit is firstly adjusted to a determinated amplification at a determinated force, depending on the type of press . The actual level should be the same course as the nominal level. Minor deviations are possible. If the force will be lesser, the gain must be higher in the relation that the result will be constant. If this case is redeemed then the crimp control unit will work linerary.


Thank you, Franz, for this interview!

If you would like to have our Technician on-site at your plant to test and calibrate your machines, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Franz Brandstätter, CETEC Systems


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