Laser-Marking – Quick, Easy And Neat!

Laser-Marking - Quick, easy and neat!


For sure you know this situation: You have a great product, but the only thing missing is a recognition feature on the product?

The best way to supply a product with the unique selling proposition is to laser-mark it, e.g. with your logo.

Or maybe your production processes are in need of a consecutive identification number, due to traceability regulations?

For all those reasons Laser Marking is a great option!


Laser-Marking made easy!


The new Laser-Marking System – the Smart Box – is now part of our product portfolio! This extremely versatile product comes with a great value-for-money.

SmartBox 20 Watt Laser Marker

The Smart Box can be used in various applications and supports easy laser-marking for different surfaces:

Materials such as steel, aluminium, copper, anodized surfaces, bronzed material, plastic cards and various more are easily marked and labeled!

The easy software supports all Windows character-sets – jpg’s/bmp’s, hpgl’s/plt’s and  barcodes are easily imported and applied!

Likewise Excel and Word files can be imported and integrated, e.g. for serial numbers.

The compact Smart Box is available as “Plug&Play” Table Top-Unit.

Major advantages of this device are minimal maintenance requirements on the on side. On the other side the Smart Box can even be used in very dusty or messy environments.

Laserbeschriftung leicht gemacht - die Smart Box





Smart Box features:

  • Compact housing with laser protection cover
  • Serial numbers are automatically generated
  • Circular Path marking and more


Curious about the Smart Box? We are happy to give you a live presentation!


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