Image Processing supports you in improving quality, increasing security and optimizing simple processes –  it is one of the most important base technologies of this century!

Image Processing – a Key Technology getting you Business Advantage!

Data Matrix Code
Image Processing

No matter if you want to monitor, test or trace processes – Image Processing helps you in a consistent, reliable way and over long periods of time to insure efficient manufacturing processes. The areas of application are multifaceted and ensure in all areas, especially in areas with high-speed production lines, fail-save quality.

Areas of Application:

  • Automotive industry
  • Elektronics
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging
  • Medical Technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry

Image Processing plays a key role especially in the Automotive Industry, where leading manufacturers and their suppliers want to execute complex assembly processes.

What are the key advantages of Image Processing:

  • Steady Verification and Classification of Errors: Even more rigid security criteria require reliable recognition and evaluation of flaws in a production line – thus supporting  quality management
  • Consistently high Performance: up-to-date Image Processing systems offer 100% control of all manufactured parts, round-the-clock  “fatigue proof” and this even with a high-speed production
  • Sustainable Business Advantage: the combination of high-capacity technic and economical efficiency garantuees you an advantage in competition.

Our Strong Partner when it comes to Image Processing!

Since more than 20 years, ISW GmbH is strikingly competent when it comes to realising comlex projects in this field. Together with this strong partner we guide you through all process steps, starting with your requests analysis, through to the implementation of ambitious applications.

Areas of Application and Solutions


Automotive industry

Comply with the import conditions of some countries, like the US, VAE or Saudi Arabia, where motors and gearboxes need to be marked directly on the main manufacturing part with a unique identification marking.

Main goal of an already realized project in the automotive industry: Position recognition and Verification of the VIN = Vehicle Identification Number on casted  motorblocks, as well as gearboxes with inhomogenous surfaces.

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Marking solutions

With these solutions you are able to greatly improve position accuracy –  with the prompt evaluation of applied markings you are able to instantly check the result for readability and compare it with the database.  With this your set-up times will be remarkably minimized and the scrap rate decreased. Further system adjustments according to customer needs are of course possible.

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In the Food Packaging Industry it is essential that packaging, bottles or other goods container are closed. Often damaged or partly opened packages get into the dispatch cycle. This can lead to returns of palettes and unnecessary logistics costs.

Damaged or open crocery containers have to be recognized on time to be eliminated of the production cycle.

An integrated control system saves you costs for returns, increases prodution quality and ensures you customer loyalty.

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Bottom of Basket Agent (BOBA)

To avoid merchandise being overlooked at checkout and consequently to keep losses for the supermarket at a minimum the BOBA-system offers a solution to this problem.

The BOBA is configured as a passive monitoring system that activates a camera once the shopping basket enters the zone of the cash register, when the basket reaches a predefined place, the camera takes a digital photo of the basket’s bottom tray, as well as the basket itself.

The cashier can see whether there is merchandise on the bottom tray or in the basket and can process it immediately. The BOBA solution can considerably reduce losses caused by overlooked merchandise and, in an ideal scenario, eliminate them completely.

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TRACK & TRACE Solutions

Using Data Matrix Codes

The Data Matrix Code is a two-dimensional code, which is able to encode data horizontally as well as vertically. Increasing numbers of falsified pharmaceuticals led to the EU´s Track & Trace guideline, focusing on consistent traceability by distinct marking.  Besides many others, this is a valuable reason for pharmaceutical companies to implement all measures needed to reach consistent traceability as soon as possible.

Fulfill the high requirements on traceability and fraud resistance. Systems needed to mark and test should be integrable into production lines and should also meet all requirements of machine assisted reading.

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