A full equipment for the Hotmelt processing is often cost-intensive! We are your ideal partner for prototypes, samples and small-batch production!


Hotmelt Molding

Hotmelt Molding can be applied for various processes – to name a few:

  • Sealing
  • Tension release
  • Special casings for wires and cables as well as
  • Electronic molding

Hotmelt Molding material is prepared and injected with simple processing devices for small editions – and with half-automation for large production output.

Due to the low processing pressure of thermoplastic hot melts, SMD-parts are not destroyed by this process.

Hotmelt Molding Applications

Prototype Design

Our technician designs and constructs the item in cooperation with the mold maker.

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Molding Tools

In close co-operation with the user and the mold maker, the mold gets designed and finally the prototype is constructed.

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Small-batch production

        • Manufacturing of prototypes with hand-gun or gear pump production unit
        • Redesign and production of the specimen
        • Production of pre-serial parts and small-batch production in our workshop

With the valuable experience of the sample production the implementation of a mass production has a decreased risk level!

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Hotmelt Processing System

Use our expertise to offer you the right machines for the manufacture of hot melt parts, the appropriate granulate and the injection tools developed for these purposes.

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