High-Voltage-Technology in the Automotive Industry

High-Voltage Technology Solutions of Today

The Automotive market changes! Around the globe everyone talks about climate targets and end customers request new solutions when it comes to motors. The automotive industry satisfies this demand by producing electric motors and hybrid engines. Both, electric motors as well es hybrid engines, need contacts suitable for high current loads – the High-Voltage-Technology offers great possibilities with its high-voltage lines.

The High-Voltage-Technology lessens pressure on the Automotive Supplier Industry

The requirements of the Automotive Industry do not decrease. Quite the contrary, they get more and more intense. They comprise:

  • Temperature stability (-40°C – +150°C),
  • Flexibility,
  • Reduction of space and
  • Aging stability.

The sum of all these requirements makes them very complex lines and this calls for High-Voltage-Technology.

How are High-Voltage Lines constructed?

In the Automotive industry high-voltage lines are easily recognizable by their distinct orange shell. The structure of the cable can be a simple single-core cable up to a multiple screened line.

Quite often the following is part of high-voltage lines:Hochvoltleitungen crimpen

  • Tissue separation,
  • Core screening,
  • Isolation,
  • Shielding braids or similar.

For a good reason, too! Those components ensure secure power transmission as well as the protection from outside influences.


However, all this requires different contact systems as the familiar one. Those are of course more complex to process!


Consequently this confronts the cable processing industry with an even more complex work sequence. It gets more difficult to prepare a contact for ist respective utilization. Hence, appropriate solutions are needed by the manufacturers of tools and machines.

Metzner Cut and Strip Machine wireCurrent most important applications that call for high-voltage technology:




Cable Shield Processing Machine


All these and further process steps can be executed separately or in semi-automated ways.

With every new contact to be processed, the demand increases and the possibility to get even more effective solutions.




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