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BioRob – Lightweight Robot-Arm

Total weight of 5 kg.

To be used in proximate contact of humans, due to security-optimised construction.

  • Degree of freedom: 5
  • BioRob GUI
  • Compact PC
  • EtherCat Kabel
  • Power supply 12 V
  • Carrying Case
  • Buskoppler with 8 inputs/outputs each
  • Pneumatical Gripper supplied with 2 replaceable suction devices
  • Digital E/A interface “Beckhoff”
  • Radius of movement: 740 mm

Megomat spare parts

Various Spare Parts for Megomat machines

See list for further details.

As good as new spare parts for MEGOMAT machines, such as:

  • servo regulator
  • spindle motors
  • INFO-4KPR control cards
  • Motor control with pick&place unit
  • knife holder and gripper jaws
    and many more

Please find all details in the list.

MEGOMAT Spare Parts List ->


Pawomat SMP seal- and crimp- processing machine

This Pawomat SMP is ideal for efficient seal equipment, stripping and crimping. It can be integrated into a cable processing system as fully automatic unit.


Schäfer precision wire stripping machine ST 215

Desktop tool for stripping and twisting wires of small diameter. The precise 4 blade system guarantees accurate repeated stripping  of the wire end.

Application: coaxial wires with multiple isolations including aviation and military industry.

Wire diameter: Max 2,5mm
Conductor diameter: 0,08-2,00 mm AWG 12-24
Wire stripping: Max 13 mm
Measurement:     LxWxH 210x54x126
Weight:    0,85 kg

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