CETEC Systems®

how it began…

Who we are
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Daniela Christer (Managing Director)
& Johann Christer (Founder & Shareholder)

In the more than 15 years of existence, CETEC Systems GmbH is perceived as highly customer-oriented, flexible and reliable. Especially the great expert knowledge and prompt customer service are higly appreciated. CETEC Systems will continue to tread the path of professionality and high-quality!

2001: Together with the company Schäfer and Johann Christer the company Schäfer Austria was founded. The company focussed on sales and distribution of high quality tools and special machines for the cable processing industry.

2004: Due to product extension and enhancement the company was renamed to CETEC Systems. Johann Christer took over the company as sole-proprietor and company director. Since then CETEC Systems made its name as systems provider in the cable processing industry.  The mission statement „The way to make contacts“ is now literally applied customer-focussed and across brands worldwide.

2014: Upon his well-deserved retirement, Johann Christer hands over his managing activities to Daniela Christer, who resumes the role of managing director. In the same year CETEC Systems expands its portfolio and enters the B2C-market with the newly opened online shop www.cetec.co.at/tool-shop.

Our Service stands for your Success!

150 Years Experience

In the last 30 years our knowledge has grown with the technology in the cable processing industry and we offer you our broad Know-How!

Maintenance with Heart

Precise technique – precise maintenance! Profit from our knowledge and our hearts, that beat in unison with our machines!

Present Everywhere

We have customers everywhere in the world! Our experience in exporting goods internationally garantuees a proper process!

Modern Zeitgeist

We are innovative and up-to-date! We are always  aware of the most recent developments in our area of expertise!



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