Cutting Various Materials With Same Great Results

Cutting various materials

Have you ever been confronted with cutting various and a wide range of material? Then we would like to introduce you to a great way of doing so while keeping great quality at the same time.

What are the challenges when cutting various materials such as textile-covered tubes?

Textile-covered tubes mostly are limp and therefore not easy to grip. With traditional cutting knives or technology the fabric easily frazzles or frays and might get contorted.

When cutting various materials like synthetic textile tubes, the ends of the section get melted, thus fraying is avoided. With tubes consisting of metal braiding the right cutting technique prevents deformations or distortion.


What are the challenges when cutting sections?

A section can exist of different materials, e.g. rubber profiles, textile-covered tubes, film, fabric, labels, cables, wires and many other materials. These variations of material and other prerequisites can complicate the cutting process.  To always achieve the ideal cutting quality at varying material prerequisites, ST-OB machines offer a choice of three alternative cutting technologies (die cut, shear cut, tube cut) and two different equipment levels.

cutting materials with the universal cutting machine from Metzner

A perfect solution for those challenges is the Universal cutting machine of the Metzner ST-OB Series:

The ST-OB Series convince with their precision, their compact design and the wide set of materials they can process.

Outstanding features are:

  • Automatic cutting machine with three alternative cutting technologies for different processing (die cut, shear cut or tube cut).
  • Fine belt pressure adjustment (hand wheel with counter)
  • Programmable PLC Control
  • Stepper motor for exact positioning and variable speeds as standard
  • Two equipment levels available
  • Variable cutting depths (Green Version)
  • Integrated interfaces for a variable expansion with peripheral units (Green Version)
  • Robust and long-life design


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