Wire Crimping processes – precise processing methods, ensuring airtight connection of contact materials to cables.



Precision presses in combination with high-quality quick change tools are your guarantee for an optimal production process! All sizes of crimping presses are available for processing different cross sections.

Quick change tools are manufactured individually, that means according to the specific terminal. They are used in the follwing industries:

  • Automotive
  • Household appliances
  • Gambling industry
  • Aviation
  • Medical technology
  • Gaming industry

We care for the wide range of spare and wear parts and contribute to the smooth and hassle-free cycle of your production process.

The ultimate wire crimping solution

The Schäfer Megomat 1000 Crimping Machine is a fully automated wire crimping machine that produces over 5000 pieces per hour. The ideal solution for large scale manufactures!

Automate parts of your wire crimping process!



For all terminal types and dimensions, as stand-alone or in combination with any current crimp presses.

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Crimping press

Crimp Force range 2-15t, forms also basis for automated crimping units.

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the wire chop

WireChop™ Waste-Cut module

Separates faulty crimps from correct ones. Monitoring your wire crimping process and knowing when manufacturing conditions are changing is critical in detecting errors, and eliminating unnecessary scrap.

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Stripping unit

The connection between stripping and crimping process.

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Automated crimping units

Full- and semi-automated, for processing of special cables, twisted wires in combination with block loading.

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