Crimp-Tool Preparation

Crimp-Tool Preparation

Time is the factor, that either motivates us or in the worst case is chronically missing. The right crimp-tool preparation is an important part of the crimping process. Plan this process as best as you can to avoid loss of time during the production. From our Service Technicians huge fund of experience we present you with our checklist for an optimal preparation of your crimp-tool.

One possibility to save time is to minimize the time when you process changeover for a new or different contact and to simultaneously meet the high quality requirements.



Many might think, „Yes, this is very logical“, but especially repeating processes are prone to mistakes and might mean a great expenditure of time.

To minimize mistakes, it helps to orient yourself to a proven sequence of operations.

For this purpose we have created this checklist with the most important points.

The correct Crimp-Tool Preparation:

  • Do crimp-tool, contact material, conductive material and the assignment fit?
  • Control of cleanliness.
  • Control wear and tear of the cimp-tool and crimp-anvil.
  • Are the correct wear parts in the crimp-tool?
  • Manual performance test of the crimp-tool.
  • Check for proper operation using a test crimp.
  • After installation of the tool into the testpress, a function test ist made via handwheel or inching function.
  • Equipping with contact material.
  • Control of the correct position of the contact.
  • Testcrimp with the suitable wire.
  • Check of the crimpgeometry via micrograph and crimp dimensions.
  • Calibration of the contact position if necessary, further of the crimp height and wire position.
  • When using an wire-stripping unit: after installation of the tool into the crimp-press, the setting of the stripping-length needs to be controlled, the knive settings need to be adjusted to the wire dimensions to avoid single-strands in the wire.


The above steps carried out in a careful way and on a regular basis, helps to correctly prepare the crimp-tool optimally for an efficient crimping process!


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