Cable Wrapping and Taping in effective and improved ways

Taping Machines support effectivity and improve quality

In order to make high-quality products even better, more and more criteria are demanded in quality assurance. For sure you can name a few examples from your work environment. Cable wrapping and Taping are no exception. In this article we present two great applications for the Cable wrapping process. They will support you optimally in reaching your quality goals.

But beforehand let`s have a look at the typical challenges.

Typical Challenges in Cable Wrapping and Taping:

  • How to always ensure the same taping quality?
  • How to always ensure the same quantity of wrappings?
  • How to always ensure the same homogenous bendability of the wiring harness (quality of the end product)?


Every human is unique, however this should not be recognizable, when you are manufacturing a product in large batches.

Individuality is not always the best in the Cable wrapping area

Human work is in many cases very precise, but especially in Cable wrapping and Taping, variations in quality are often the case.

Cable wrapping and Taping

Sometimes the wrapping is too tight, sometimes not as tight. Every staff member has its own working style. Perhaps the one is working very fast but uses in return a lot more time than another.

All of it are parameters, that altogether and seen across the whole business year have a great impact.

As a solution to this but mainly thought as facilitation to your work processes, we have found two great approaches to these challenges, that will support you greatly.

These Solutions support you in achieving consistent Quality and Effectivity:


Taping machines FTM or ITMStoneShield FTM Flexible Taping Machine

This machine supports you either as desktop version or as integrated machine. It is ideal for the continuous insulating or bundling of splices or wires.



TechSpeed RED TM 100The RED TM 100 Banding Machine

A compact desk-top machine perfect for ergonomic and efficient wrapping of wiring harnesses.




Both machine types ensure a solid performance and valuable saving of time! Our partners carry out great work and are interested in continuously improving their products.


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