Increase your productivity in the cable processing industry with our market leading production systems of highest quality!


Dereeling & Feeding

Guarantees smooth and steady reel-off, as well as moderated feeding of wires for precise workmanship of half- or fully automated work processes. Our systems prepare all conventional cross sections and reels for processing.

Wire Stripping – Dismantling – Cutting

Utmost care during stripping, dismantling and cutting is essential for high quality workmanship!

We deliver flexible and tailor-made solutions for all of your applications in the following areas:

  • Systems for single and multi-wired cables of all cross-sections and special cables
  • Electric and pneumatic facilities, can be combined with hot stamp marking and Inkjet printers
  • Sequential center stripping prior to automatic processing, as well as laser stripping for extremely sensitive cables

Possible Product Combinations


Combine the stripping unit with e.g. the crimping press EPS 2000, EPS 2001 or EPS 6000. Add a crimping applicator and a crimp force monitor and it will result in an efficient crimping system. Complement it with the following:

  • Zero cut module: guarantees consistent stripping lengths
  • Traverse gripper: positions the wire correctly within the crimping applicator
  • Crimp-Cut module: detects faulty crimps

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