The aim of innovative robotic systems is to reduce processing time and increase quality.

BSI Blind Seal Inserter

The BSI is an innovative robotic system designed to insert seals and hard pins into cable connectors in a fast and automatic way. What are the benefits in using a Blind Seal Inserter instead of using a manual process?

  • Very Fexible:  Compared with the traditional XYZ insertion machines.
  • Easy to Handle: Thanks to its state of the art vision technology and generic feeders.
  • Boosts Productivity: With an average seal insertion 2.1 seconds and a non-stop production based on 2 trays and 2 feeders.
  • Smooth Process: Due to the automated process, the risk of manual wrong positioning ist eliminated.

Innovative Robotic Systems for the Industry 4.0!

Thanks to its state of the art vision technology and generic feeders, it doesn’t require the complete modification of the hardware, to process new connectors, since all modifications (including teaching) are done locally, without the supplier!

BSI – The Technical Features

Industry 4.0 Features of the Blind Seal Inserter

Ready to communicate with other machines (M2M).
Network connectivity and remote configuration.
Saving of KPIs to USB and/or remote location.
Automatic and immediate error reporting.

Each connector is checked by the machine’s vision system to ensure a continuos error-proof execution.

The Advantages

Blind Seal Inserter Vorteile auf einen Blick

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