Automated Punching Machines

Automated Punching Machines


With all necessary safety regulations and instructions in mind, automated and robotic process solutions become more and more important to effective operation flows! The Automated Punching Machines are no exception.

If you would like to ensure high precision and high quality at the same time, you might consider to up your work sequence with the APM. Especially if you have applications where the number of variations is small and limited.

This machine allows to process 2 connectors at the same time and most importantly allows to change the punching tool in a very fast and semi-automatic way.


The Automated Punching Machine Simplifies Your Process

The automatic system is designed to break plastic pins from connectors (punching system) in a fast and automatic way.

Automated Punching Machine

But let’s have a look at the details:

It ensures high quality and precise results with burr free cut and undamaged connector’s vias.

It has dedicated tools for each vias’ pattern.

The punching patterns are changeable semi-automatically or manually.

It can punch 2 connectors in each operation.

Combined with this flexibility, it also has a high productivity, since all pins are broken at the same time.

The same machine can be used for different connectors by changing the base plate.


Automated Punching Machine example of pins




APM Automated Punching Machine Technical Features At A Glance:

  • High quality and precise process: burr free and undamaged connector’s vias
  • Process of 2 different connectors simultaneously with same or different pattern
  • Semi-automatic or manual tool replacement
  • Each pin pattern with dedicated punching tool
  • All pins broken at the same time by pressing 2 start buttons
  • Possibility to process different connectors by changing the nest
  • Configuration mode password protected
  • Partial and global connector‘s counters
  • Working time counter
  • Automatic tool and connector detection
  • Automatic production and statistics reports


Have a look at the APM Automated Punching Machine in Action:


The APM can be operated in different languages, including English, Portuguese, French, German and others.

Curious about the APM? We are happy to give you more information!


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