8 Criteria to consider when purchasing a Crimping Tool

8 criteria to consider when buying a Crimping Tool

Crimping tool manufacturers are a dime a dozen

With very diverse promises you will get offered many different Crimping tools in very varying price ranges. It is not easy to stay on top of the large choice and to pick the right one! Additionally, a lot of cable manufacturers release quality and safety standards for Crimping tool manufacturers, that should be met and considered when buying a crimping tool.Crimp Werkzeug

And then there is the situation, where the professional is overwhelmed by the great choice, when it comes to invest in the right tool for the right money with the premise to meet all production requirements.


CETEC Crimp WerkzeugHow do you choose?

Let’s compare the Crimping tool purchase with the purchase of a car. There are a lot of manufacturers on the market, offering cars ranging from low-price to very expensive.

All cars will, no doubt, transport you from point A to point B. So the criteria to choose the right one for you is not the functionality, but at what costs and in which period of time will it do that? With what kind of comfort and equipment and which kind of exterior?

With this example you might want to say: „The color of the Crimping tool doesn’t really matter to me, the functionality is what counts!” And of course, we agree. But there still are some other criteria that you shouldn’t push aside, when it comes to investing in a Crimping tool.

The following checklist provides you with 8 criteria you should bear in mind, before you make a decision:



1. Lot size or Quantity

How many crimps need to be produced? What is the expected run time?

If you are producing only small batches, you might not be very flexible with the investment price of the Crimping tool. However, if you produce medium-sized or large batches and you expect to have a longer run time (more then several years), then your focus should lie on crimping tool manufacturer providing all wear and spare parts during the entire run time.

2. Quality of tool construction

How can you be sure, that the Crimping tool, as well as the quality of the crimps perform as expected over the whole run time?

Quality is a catchphrase everyone likes to work with! And yes, it is a very important criteria in a purchase. Here we would like to refer back to our car example. Even the cheapest car will bring me from A to B – but are the conditions always the same? Will it not need more inspections, will there be shortages and will the mileage change? For sure, those are things to consider, if you have longer run time of the Crimping tool in mind.

3. Quality of spare and wear parts

How long is the expected life cycle of the Crimping tool parts?

Of course, this is closely connected to the overall quality of the Crimping tool and the spare and wear parts will be of minor or major quality accordingly.

4. Guarantee for spare parts supply

Is the supply with spare parts easily and timely accessible?

Is the access to expert maintenance promptly, when you need it? How does it work for the supply of spare and wear parts? In our opinion, these are very important factors during a production phase and should not bring the process in trouble!

Another big point is: How long is the supply for spare parts guaranteed by the Crimp tool manufacturer? Ever new manufacturer on the market may not guarantee supply in let’s say 5 years from the purchase.

5. Compliance with technical specifications

Can the compliance with special technical specifications be guaranteed by the Crimp tool manufacturer?

This an evergreen challenge especially with Special Crimp tools!

The required specifications for crimps are getting ever more complex. Take in account, if it is possible to speak in one language with the Crimp tool manufacturer, so that both sides have the same picture of the requirements you need. Particularly with special Crimp tools it is of utmost importance to have a sound basis of communication that will result in a good quality end product.

6. Documentation

Is a proper documentation for the Crimp tool, as well as for spare and wear parts available?

This documentation should be quickly to read and easily to understand. It definitely should not be complicated, confusing or misleading. Especially in the everyday work routine an easy to understand documentation is very useful and should not be underestimated.

7. Adjustments

How easy and above all, how precise can crimp heights be adjusted?

Have a look, if adjustments can be made to the Crimp tool, if your process acquires it. Crimp tools of lower quality are mostly not set out to fulfill this requirement.

8. Special-Purpose Solutions

How far can special requirements of process and applications be met?

This criterion depends a lot of a good co-operation between you and the Crimp tool manufacturer. If the communication between the two, then special-purpose solutions are mostly not realizable in a satisfying way.


All of the above should give you a good starting point to make the right decision. However, sometimes it is still necessary to talk to an expert to come up with the best solution for a special process. If this is the case, we are here for you!

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