to work with us

1. Highest quality for best success!

We apply strict criteria to our suppliers. Only those who consistently deliver best quality make it into our portfolio! This selection process garantuees you to get products that live up to their promise.

2. We´ve got you covered!

A complicated application needs the coordination of many different suppliers , that need to be juggled. Just one link breaking rank may turn your whole project topsy-turvy. We have the much needed experience and endurance, to maneuver your project through tricky situations.

3. We are up-to-date!

Our market greatly changed during the last 30 years. Optimisation of outdated processes without competent consultancy may lead to bad investment. We are eye to eye with the latest technical developments and integrate them into our solutions for you.

4. Fast and straightforward in emergencies!

Nobody wants downtime in production, because of machine breakdown or missing spare parts. Our longstanding excellent relationship to our suppliers often puts us in the position to make the impossible possible. We help you out of this distress and act promptly and flexibly to avoid great production losses.

5. The solution that fits – no more, no less!

To provide customers with every available solution, that they may not need, isn’t the best approach. Taking the most economic and cost-efficient systems in account, we offer you the application, that accurately fits your  needs.

6. We guide you through all phases!

You build a new plant and your employees in production have little experience with the new machines? Especially in the starting phase many mistakes can be avoided, if you work together with experienced specialists. You get access to Thomas and Franz, our technical wizards with many years of experience in that area . They care for the necessary training of your employees.

7. Work hard – play hard!

As you can see, CETEC Systems is a company that goes great lengths for its customers. Yet, there is a lot of humor, laughter and fun at work! We celebrate when we have the opportunity! Additionally we engage also in social projects such as supporting a sports project for integrating young people.

Many Hearts, One Beat

We always look for motivated and open-minded people from the Cable technology and Electronics area to strengthen our team.